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About Universal PC Solutions

Universal PC Solutions has over 10 years experience in the IT

field working with hardware such as no name generic (clones),

and brand name home/office desktops/laptops.


Hardware We have the ability to provide support for your

small home network and small to medium size networks with

one server or multiple servers and various types of



Other Equipment We also have experience with

any peripheral equipment that relates to computers such as,

printers, scanners, modems, wireless equipment, Hi-speed

equipment (Shaw, MTS, Sympatico and others), etc.


Software We also provide software support primarily for

all versions of Microsoft Windows and popular windows

software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.


Training We can provide you with one to one training in

the use of your computer from the very basic the very

complicated E.G. Internet searching, computer backup,

software use, etc.


All in all we can provide you with the same support that a

large company has and more consider us your own IT

Department with out the high costs of having one.